The training program at Be Like Water BJJ MMA is unique. We offer training for students of all ages, ranging from 5 to 100. This allows parents and their children to train together, fostering physical and spiritual growth in tandem.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  1. 55 minutes DURATION

Our BJJ martial arts training program focuses on using leverage and technique to control opponents and force them into submissions, making it effective for self-defense and competitions.


  1. 55 minutes DURATION

Our boxing training program involves engaging in a contest of strength, speed, and skill to strike your opponent while employing defensive maneuvers to evade and block incoming blows.


  1. 55 minutes DURATION

Or HIIT training program is rigorous workout style that alternates short intense exercise with brief recovery, to elevate the heart rate, increases calorie burn, and improves cardiovascular fitness.


  1. 55 minutes DURATION

Our kickboxing program combines elements of boxing and martial arts, with striking techniques using fists and feet, providing a challenging full-body workout while enhancing self-defense skills.

Mixed Martial Arts

  1. 55 minutes DURATION

Our MMA program integrates various disciplines such as boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, and wrestling. You use a combination of striking and grappling techniques in standing and ground positions.

Muay Thai

  1. 55 minutes DURATION

Our Muay Thai training program, utilizes punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, providing a comprehensive striking system that emphasizes power, technique, and conditioning.

Self Defense

  1. 55 minutes DURATION

Our Self defense training program focuses on practical techniques for real-life situations, with strikes, grappling, and defenses against various threats that neutralize threats quickly.


  1. 55 minutes DURATION

Our wrestling training program focuses on grappling techniques and takedowns, while emphasizing strength, agility, and strategy as you aim to pin your opponent through controlled techniques.


At Be Like Water BJJ MMA, we have a team of world-class trainers with over 75 years of collective experience in martial arts. We have successfully trained professional athletes and Olympians, offering a level of training that you won't find anywhere else.

Jordan Suarez


Jordan has an impressive record in wrestling, with a long list of awards, recognition, and accolades. Jordan is multiple time Texas State Placer and Team Texas member and only continued to make a big impact at the next level. Jordan takes pride in her craft, that she looks to teach others.

Lance Kimmons


Lance has over 18 years of martial arts training, with over 8 years as an instructor teaching law enforcement and military officers and Olympic and professional athletes. Lance trained under the leadership of 8x World Champion Alexandre Ribeiro, and looks to pass on his mastery to students of all level.

Michael "Mike" Senich


Mike, with over 30 years of experience in fitness, began training at a young age under the guidance of his mother, a 2nd degree black belt in Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate. Mike's true passion lies in changing and improving the quality of lives through fitness and wellness, including martial arts.

Anthony Ciampa


Anthony "2 Ton Tony" Ciampa, a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and current heavyweight champion with a 12 and 2 record, has been training, coaching, and fighting since 2009. Anthony, passionate in his craft, is certified in striking and MMA training under the guidance of Dr. Paulie Gloves.