Training Programs

Be Like Water BJJ MMA training programs are designed to help you adapt to any situation - fluid like water. In our program you will develop self confidence, release anxiety and stress, develop a new passion, and train with leading experts in each discipline.


Be Like Water BJJ MMA's boxing program seamlessly blends structured training with real-time sparring, suitable for all levels. Our expert trainers prioritize technique, footwork, and defense. Whether a novice or a veteran, participants gain enhanced physical strength and agility. Imbued with the fighter's spirit, the curriculum ensures not only skill refinement but also a significant boost in overall fitness.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Be Like Water BJJ MMA's BJJ program welcomes all to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We focus on core techniques, fitness, and strategy. Guided by expert instructors, students delve into grappling, submissions, and positioning. Emphasizing technique and timing, our training boosts confidence and agility. Suitable for beginners to experts, our approach hones skills and unleashes mat potential.


Be Like Water BJJ MMA's HIIT program delivers efficient, high-impact workouts. Merging intense exercises with short rests, it encompasses cardio and strength. Participants enjoy full-body sessions, boosting heart rate and burning calories. Led by experts, our HIIT challenges boundaries, enhances metabolism, and focuses on fat loss, preserving muscle. Versatile and suited for everyone, it guarantees fitness transformation.


Be Like Water BJJ's kickboxing blends martial arts with intense fitness. Designed for all, it bolsters strength, agility, and stamina. With experts at the helm, learners master strikes and defense through drills. The focus is on technique, force, and accuracy, promoting heart health, coordination, and defense skills. For both novices and veterans, our kickboxing boosts confidence and targets fitness aspirations.


Be Like Water BJJ MMA's MMA program integrates striking, grappling, and conditioning for all levels. Merging diverse martial arts techniques, it emphasizes technique, strategy, and mental fortitude. With drills, sparring, and strength training, it enhances adaptability, fitness, and self-defense skills. Both for beginners and seasoned fighters, our MMA challenges and amplifies combat potential.

Muay Thai

Be Like Water BJJ MMA's Muay Thai program delves into the "Art of Eight Limbs." Welcoming all, it centers on striking, conditioning, and discipline. Under expert tutelage, participants refine traditional strikes, from punches to knees. With specialized Muay Thai exercises, agility and fitness are elevated. Emphasizing respect and sportsmanship, our training builds confidence and honors the art's rich legacy.

Self Defense

Be Like Water BJJ MMA's self-defense program equips individuals with pivotal safety skills. Emphasizing practical techniques and awareness, expert instructors teach strikes, escapes, and defense against threats, complemented by real-life simulations. Prioritizing empowerment and confidence, our training prepares participants to adeptly manage and defuse conflicts, safeguarding themselves and others in various situations.


Be Like Water BJJ MMA's wrestling program immerses athletes in grappling and takedowns. Fostering strength, agility, and resilience, participants, under seasoned coaches, refine stances, takedowns, and escapes through drills and live matches. This methodical approach enhances skill, endurance, and competitiveness. Building both confidence and discipline, our program sharpens athletic edge on and beyond the mat.